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Phone Made From Grass

Phone Made From Grass.Various forms and kinds of smart phones has been present meets the lifestyle of humans today. However, have you seen the phone made from natural, like grass? Inspired by nature, the designer Sean Miles initially only wanted to design a phone that material is only used junk yard.

Phone Made From Grass. Miles then explained that the body of the phone is actually grass is made of resin recycling and collection of special grass. Mixtures of these materials form a mixture of elements such as carbon fiber, and can be an alternative to the plastic material.

The designer of Designworks is working with O2 Recycle, with a mission to encourage mobile phone users to recycle their old gadgets. Not only grass and resin, made from 100% mobile phone recycling is further sweetened by Miles with other natural touch.

Button and buffer camera phones are usually made of plastic or metal is replaced with wood, which fits with the green color of leaves. Mobile machinery used was also the result of donations of used phones.

One type of recycling mobile phones ever made into a former mobile phone grass is branded Nokia.
When the mobile phone recycling campaign was echoed, there are many who become mobile phone enthusiasts recycling.

Miles and Designworks teams even plan a mobile phone project this grass is raised to mass production. Phone Made From Grass.

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